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About Us

Welcome to Create Alaska, where we connect Creative Alaskans with buyers around the world.  Our mission is to bring Alaskans together on one site to promote our cultures and our way of life through arts, crafts, books, photography, edibles and other distinctly Alaskan-made products.  Oh, and vintage Alaskan stuff too.  We hope to help bring our distant lands closer together from Barrow to Ketchikan and all the greatness in between. 


Behind every product is a unique story and an adventurous artist.  We provide a place for Alaskans to tell their stories to the world.  We encourage our sellers to talk a little about themselves and a little about their production process.  The story that accompanies each product, how it was made and the meaning it holds for the artist, give that item a special, personal touch that speaks to the humanity in each of us.


With that in mind, here is a little about the makers, and the making, of Create Alaska.


Our Story

Our story begins with Auktweena and Luke, who parent five wonderful children.  One day, Auktweena, who is Alaska Native, decided to get online and buy some mukluks for her daughter, Sophia.  For those who do not know, mukluks are an Alaska Native boot often made from seal skin.  They are warm and cozy and very stylish.  Much to Auktweena’s dismay, she could not find a single mukluk anywhere online. 


Now Auktweena is a very resourceful gal and a savvy business woman.  She at once began to plan ways to remedy this very catastrophic problem.  She researched other websites that could possibly accommodate this lack and found nothing that would help.  It soon became apparent that if something was to be done, she would have to be the one take matters into her own hands.  Her husband, Luke, a kind and wise man, supported her initiative.


Initially, they hired a professional website designer to assist them, but the project was more involved than everyone thought in the outset.  Eventually, they realized the cost for such a website was outrageous – some quotes ranged as high as $80,000!!  How could a young family ever afford that?


Auktweena was not discouraged.  She decided to try it on her own using Wordpress.  Through this long and arduous process, her passion remained undaunted.  Her courage and fortitude unmatched.  She fought through tedious lines of code and finally decided to give up trying to do it by herself.  She needed help.


Three years after that initial mukluk catastrophe, a friend referred them to John.  The couple enticed John to their house with promises of delicious salmon locks (yes, freshly caught in Alaska) and soon learned that John’s expertise was exactly what they needed. 

John, also Alaska Native, has a big heart for Alaska.  He is a nursing student at the local university, volunteers in the community, and worked at the Native hospital for 5 years; two of those years he worked for a statewide domestic violence prevention program. He has aspirations to work in Alaskan villages and promote wellness.  He is obviously a do-gooder.

When Auktweena and Luke approached him with the idea for the website, his ears perked up.  He relished the thought of helping thousands of talented Alaskans sell their art without charging exorbitant commissions.  (With a limited road system, it often costs artists a few thousand dollars to fly or boat into the big city to purchase a booth at a craft fair; hoping to sell a few pieces of art that might pay for the trip).  The idea also furthers his dream to help village communities by providing extra income for Alaskans who live in remote areas and have limited access to jobs.   John loved the idea of this website and he immediately jumped on board.


Then the rubber and the road met.  The trio had many more meetings, ate a lot more of Auktweena’s amazing cooking, and formed Create Alaska, LLC.  They located a software package on the internet that helped them get started and John programed for six months straight in his spare time (on top of working a job and going to nursing school).  Finally, the package was ready and they launched the site.  Thank God. 


No, seriously, thank God.  It behooves Luke, Auktweena and John to honor and thank Jesus Christ, their wonderful Creator, who brought them this far.  Oh, the countless times they ran into snags while programming and spent hours struggling to figure it out.  Then when they just asked God for help, in mere minutes they found the solution.  From little things to big things, God is good and he loves his kids!  Furthermore, they believe that all talents and abilities come from God anyway, so why not give back gratitude for the many gifts and blessings that he pours out on his children.  With his loving guidance and help, they will continue to follow him, strive to honor him and endeavor to act in love in all their decisions.


So you see, Create Alaska has a similar story as so many other adventurous Alaskans out there.  Spend some time perusing this site and learn more about the creative people who live here in Alaska.