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How Do I Sell My Products?

What you are allowed to sell

You can sell anything created by Alaskans. This is not just for you painters, carvers, and sculptures out there. This is also an opportunity for you knitters and sewers; you crafters and handy folk; you photographers; you bee keepers with fresh Alaskan honey; you makers of jam from delicious Alaskan berries; books written by Alaskans; photographs; and much more.  Essentially, anything and everything that Alaska produces can be sold on this website.  We also provide opportunities for suppliers to post products, so that artists can quickly purchase the materials they need to continue production.  (We draw the line at mass-produced products that do not reflect the true spirit of this site and we reserve the right to make this distinction.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions in this regard.)

How a sale works

If you want to sell your products, you will be charged nothing until you make a sale. Transactions are made through PayPal, because PayPal is a reputable organization that provides protection for the buyer and the seller. When the buyer makes a purchase, Create Alaska deducts 10% plus $0.30 per transaction. PayPal charges a small fee for their services, but refer to PayPal for their official policies.  (The Paypal fee listing is a good place to start.) Be sure to consider these costs when pricing your items.  Also, sellers are responsible for any and all legal concerns regarding the sale of their products.  For example, Alaska Native artists who want to sell products made from protected sea mammals must follow all State and Federal regulations that apply. As the PayPal merchant of record, the seller will incur any and all legal liability in these, and other legal situations.

How can I buy Alaskan handmade products?

For all you buyers out there, you can sign up now and receive reminder notifications to peruse our website, or stop back by in a couple weeks for our grand opening.

Happy shopping and selling everyone!